Slip Grip - Non-Slip Tile Treatment Expand

Slip Grip - Non-Slip Tile Treatment



Slip Grip - Non-Slip Tile Treatment

Increase the Safety of Your Floor with Slip Grip

Slip Grip is a clear liquid treatment designed to reduce slipping on floors, particularly when they are wet. Many masonry and tiled surfaces are naturally smooth and therefore represent significant risks, especially when wet. However, with Slip Grip, this same surface can become safer to walk on.

How Slip Grip works as an anti-slip tile treatment

Slip Grip works by microscopically increasing the roughness of the surface, giving it ‘grip’. The change is not visible to the naked eye, but as the smoothness of the surface is reduced, some surfaces may become a little dull. A test patch is recommended to check that any change in surface appearance is acceptable.

Where you can use Slip Grip

Slip Grip is designed to work on all smooth masonry surfaces, most commonly found in bathrooms, kitchens, pool surrounds, entry foyers and patios. The product may be used indoors and outdoors and is not affected by direct sunlight.