Resistain - Stain-Resistant Masonry Sealer Expand

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Resistain - Stain-Resistant Masonry Sealer



Resistain -  Stain-Resistant Masonry Sealer

Brushed on in 30 minutes, stain-resistant for 15 years.

Resistain is a stain-resistant penetrating sealer for masonry materials.

It is a highly-advanced solvent that penetrates into masonry surfaces and renders them oil- and water-repellent. Resistain is optimised for use on all types of masonry surfaces, both indoors and outdoors, to reduce all forms of surface degradation.

Resistain provides excellent, hard-wearing resistance against staining liquids including oil, juice, coffee, ink and wine, whilst also protecting the treated surface from the effects of water exposure, including:
- Efflorescence
- Erosion and friability
- Mould
- Algae growth
- Concrete cancer
- Internal rebar corrosion.
The treatment will not change the appearance or texture of the surface and the surface will remain breathable.