Burwood - Remedial Project

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A 10-storey block of units in the suburb of Burwood, NSW had an existing roof membrane that was in excess of 15 years old. It was close to the end of life, however was still a sound base with some repairs. The existing membrane had started to deteriorate, allowing dampness and mould to enter the top floor units creating hazardous living conditions. 

After full evaluation, our team proposed a multi-stage solution to remediate the following issues;

- Parapet wall cracking (allowing water to seep into the roof)

- Worn roofing membrane (allowing water to seep into the roof)

- Damp & Mould Issues

Once the repairs were complete we finished off the Roof using a premium, durable waterproofing membrane called Sikafloor 400N Elastic pure polyurethane in multiple coats.

This solution saved high costs as complete removal of the existing membrane was not required and also extended the life of the roof a further 15 years.